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A sales system is a set of hardware, software and knowledge for managing a sales outlet.
The equipment should be selected optimally to facilitate, accelerate and automate processes occurring in the enterprise. Our sales systems cooperate with most devices from leading manufacturers of fiscal devices (cash registers, fiscal printers), as well as devices supporting store operation (barcode readers, inventories, barcode printers, POS touch terminals, price checkers, inventories, labeling scales and standard , payment terminals).

Software – choosing the right one, proven and ensuring development, is a key issue. We always try to propose the optimal solution based on the needs of our clients, taking into account the applicable circulation of warehouse, sales and accounting documents and the procedures existing in the company.
The possibility of efficient sales using touch screens, access to data at any time from anywhere, operation and accounting of the warehouse and cashiers are just selected software functions.
Single store or chain of stores? Loyalty system? Integration with an online store or export of data to accounting?

Knowing how to implement and then work is an important part of every sales system.
Comprehensive, efficient implementation, starting with the design and discussions on how it should work and what should be done step by step.
Efficient implementation along with training of staff and managers.
Measurable substantive and service assistance in further work of the sales systems is the culmination of the whole.
And here it is worth trusting professionals.

Implementing a sales system requires knowing the specifics of the company’s operations
and her needs. All these elements must be taken into account when performing this service. These activities constitute pre-implementation analysis.

The implementation service includes:
1. design and valuation of the sales system based on pre-implementation analysis
2.installation of hardware and software
3.hardware and software testing
4. configuration of sales positions and back office
5. training for staff in the field of software and devices
6. training for management/owners in the field of software and devices
7.assistance in opening a point on the new system
8. post-implementation consultation – checking the assumptions of the system’s operation
9. post-implementation consultation – development of the sales system

You will quickly find the best and worst selling goods and services
You will track the exact history of the goods from entering the warehouse until the last item is sold
You will check the status of settlements with contractors; how many unpaid invoices you have, how much uncollected money
You will see how much the store earned; the program will provide the amount of margin the store achieved on the goods sold
You will check the current cash balance; you will find out at any time how much money should be in the cashier’s cash box or the company’s cash register
You will place your order without delay; All you need to do is enter the number of days for which the stock should last, and the program will select the goods that should be ordered from the supplier
You will save money by quickly preparing an inventory; thanks to cooperation with portable terminals, the inventory will take less time. You can also use terminals to enter deliveries
You can quickly print labels for shelves and goods; you can design a label for your store yourself, and during delivery the program will print it for new goods
You will save time on entering delivery documents; if your supplier sends them over the Internet in text format
You will encourage customers to make frequent purchases; thanks to the Loyalty System, customers will buy in your store counting on prizes or discounts for the points collected.
You will integrate your online store with your stationary store.
… and many other functionalities.

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