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Software and sales systems allow us to sell our goods and services in an intuitive and simple way. They offer many more possibilities than standard cash registers.


The nomee system is fully configurable for each premises, we enable or disable functions and adapt it to you so that it is fully optimal.

The nomee system consists of:

An application installed on the device in your premises on which you make sales.

Administration panel available in the cloud – here you view reports and set everything.

Additional devices, such as a fiscal or voucher printer, can be connected to the sales application or integrated via API.

GoPOS is a cloud-based, modern, and intuitive sales system created to meet the needs of the restaurant industry and other retail and service establishments. GoPOS allows for comprehensive point-of-sale management from a computer or other personal device with internet access.
The point-of-sale software operates on tablets and Android-based POS terminals. GoPOS also functions on the Posnet Vero device, which combines a tablet and fiscal printer in a single enclosure.
Explore all the features and choose the GoPOS sales system for you and your business.

Novicloud is a cloud-based system for managing a store or a network of stores, created by the fiscal cash register manufacturer Novitus. It supports online fiscal registers from this manufacturer, such as Next Online, Next Pro Online, Sento Online, Nano II Online, Mała Online, and Link Online. Novicloud offers a range of control, reporting, and inventory management features for goods and services. The optimal, efficient, and most innovative solution is the Next Pro cash register in combination with Novicloud.
Explore all the features and choose the Novicloud sales system for you and your business.

Dotykacka is a cloud-based, user-friendly point-of-sale system designed for managing businesses, primarily catering to micro and small businesses in the restaurant, retail, and service industries. Sales are conducted using tablets and Android-based POS terminals. Dotykacka enables connection with a wide range of fiscal printers, payment terminals, and other essential accessories, such as cash drawers and barcode scanners.
Explore all the features and choose the Dotykacka sales system for you and your business.

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